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Oct 18. Richard Osterlind's Dynamo-Deck by Richard Osterlind - Trick A secret from deep within the Osterlind vault! This is the deck that Richard Osterlind carried with him constantly for years.

It is made up of a series of tried and proven principles both new and old. Osterlind Trilogy by Richard Osterlind Three acclaimed books now together in one deluxe volume!

Thousands have read Richard Osterlind's e-books Making Magic Real, Making Real Magic and Essays and many have reported that the way they approached. Richard Osterlind - Essays. PDF download. And so far I feel like recovering myself from a big shock! Once you get this sit down open your mind and.

This is the book mentalist Richard Osterlind has called "a learning tool that is invaluable to the working mentalist." Windows Into The Soul has applications for stage, parlor and close-up performances. Oct 19,  · Richard Osterlind's new e-book, Essays, has got to be the most important work on performing in real life that has ever been written.

There are tip's in it that would take years to learn on your own! This is the book mentalist Richard Osterlind has called "a learning tool that is invaluable to the working mentalist." Windows Into The Soul has applications for stage, parlor and close-up performances.

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