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Henry Louis Gates Jr.

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Lincoln on Race and Slavery [Henry Louis Gates, Donald Yacovone] on usagiftsshops.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Generations of Americans have debated the meaning of Abraham Lincoln's views on race and slavery.

He issued the Emancipation Proclamation and supported a constitutional amendment to outlaw slavery. 1.

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"In a fascinating, personal account, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., shows us the glories of Africa and explains why African-Americans have for so long been both fascinated and repelled by the great continent.".

Feb 12,  · Henry Louis Gates was no stranger to such racial descrimination. In Whats in a Name?

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he Words: — Pages: 3 Translation written by Frantz Fanon and Henry Louis Gates. In Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'s story, "What's in a Name," there is a telling story about a young boy learning the powerful pain and humiliation in the racist practices of American society.

Gates illustrates how racism can perpetuate prejudice that aims to take away individual identity and put entire groups of people down.

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