An analysis of the film doing time by sai yoichi

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A research on increase in single parent households

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Even as we transition from film to digital media, the essentials of editing remain the same: in-depth analysis of the material, effective communication within the production team, identifying the subject of the work, and discovering whether or not specific elements connect. Made for the portmanteau feature ABC: The Short Films, Sai Yoichi’s film is a brilliant vignette of the stresses, strains and generational conflicts in present-day family life.

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an analysis of. This film, made by Sai Yoichi, is based on Japanese manga artist Kazuichi Hanawa's comic book, "In the Prison." Hanawa was arrested for illegal possession of firearms and swords in the mid s and did prison time on the northern island of Hokkaido.

Yoichi Sai was the focus of a tribute program titled "Signals:focus on Sai Yoichi" at the 39th International Film Festival Rotterdam (Jan. 27th-Feb. 7th, ). Jury member for the "International Jury of Golden Goblet Award" at the (14th) Shanghai International Film Festival - June ,

An analysis of the film doing time by sai yoichi
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A research on increase in single parent households